As one of Hong Kong's most traditional investment banker, SBI China Capital Group has been rooted in Hong Kong for 30 years, focusing on serving growing SMEs and institutional customers in the Greater China region. We provide the professional financing services through various channels such as stock underwriting, bond underwriting, issuance of convertible bond, IPO listing, bridge financing, etc. We also provide asset management, securities consulting and securities trading services to institutional clients with our reliable and solid research capabilities.

SBI China Capital Group integrates diversified shareholder backgrounds and professional investment banking teams both in Greater China and overseas, and has high-quality exclusive project resources. Our customers are located in various financial centers around the world. We provide customers with customized financial solutions, and then establish a long-term relationship with them.

SBI China Capital Group has been rated as "Hong Kong Best Securities Company" and "Hong Kong Best Local Brokerage" by AsiaMoney for consecutive years, and its securities research team has also been named "Asia's Top Ten Stock Picks" by the Financial Times and StarMine expert of Reuters. In recent years, we have participated in the investment and management of many outstanding projects in Greater China and overseas, including real estate projects in the United States, Dark Horse Entertainment, the third largest comics publisher in the United States, and pre-IPO financing of Tencent Music, and reached great achievement. In 2019, our return rate of M&A Fund exceeded 17%.

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