Important notices related to security and fraud issues

Dear Valued Customers,

Apart from enjoying the convenience brought by internet and mobile transactions, customers should also beware of the associated cyber threats and risks. We hereby remind our customers to take protective measures to ensure the security of internet and mobile transactions.

Password safety

  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Choose a password that you can easily remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • The password should be a complex combination of numbers, letters (capital letters and small letters) and signals.
  • Do not use your birthday or basic combinations that are easy to crack.
  • Do not display your password in noticeable areas, e.g. sticky note at computer monitor, mobile case…etc.
  • You are advised to change your password every month.

General safety

  • Install the latest version of anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software to protect your electronic device against any new internet threats.
  • Update your internet browser that has built-in protection against fake websites and virus programs.
  • Do not allow your browser to remember your log on details. It is safer to re-enter your details every time you log on, although it is slightly time consuming.
  • Take good care of your paper statements. Fraudsters can obtain your identity through the information taken from the paper statements. You should always tear up the paper statements before throwing them away.

Internet safety

  • Hackers can steal the user password and account details through bogus emails and websites, and such a cyber threatening activity is called “phishing”.
  • Be highly vigilant, do not click on the hyperlinks to phishing homepage and input user name or password.
  • Avoid log on to the trading system using public computers.
  • If you must use a public computer, you must logout after browsing the trading system.
  • Avoid connecting to any unsecured wireless networks.

SBI China employee will never ask you to provide your password. If you receive any call or email from someone claiming to be an employee of or acting on behalf of SBI China, please ignore it and contact us immediately.

You are welcomed to provide feedback to us through the following channels:

  1. You can dial +852 2533 3700.
  2. You can post your feedback in writing to "SBI China Capital Group - Customer Service" under the address "4/F, Henley Building, 5 Queen's Road Central, Central".
  3. You can fax your feedback in writing to +852 2533 3733.
  4. You can email your feedback to .