The main shareholders and the management team of SBI China Capital are professionals from top international financial institutions, including CITIC Securities, Daiwa, BOCOM Intl, CCB, KPMG, Oriental Patron Securities etc. Our team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and other overseas countries, enriching our business and sales network and research capabilities.


SBI China Capital provides tailor-made solutions for corporates and institutional clients. We provide comprehensive, customized, and continuous integrated financial services, ranging from IPO services, financial consultancy, financial advisory, investor relationship management, industry research, securities valuation analysis, and financial products investment, for various needs of our clients.


With good client relationships and wide sales network in the finance industry, SBI China Capital enjoys exclusive rights on market-leading projects for their listing and securities underwriting.

Risk Management

With systematic risk management procedure as well as internal control, SBI China Capital upholds financial regulation and risk management to the highest standards and achieved top-tier compliance record.