Dr. Cao Guoqi


Dr. Cao Guoqi obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics after years of education from the University of Hong Kong, and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He has over 20 years of experience, in project financing and invesment, accounting, fund investment and management, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate consultation.
Dr. Cao is the executive director and general manager of Probest Limited and Master Energy Inc. He is also the deputy president of Asian Economics Research Institute at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, an EMBA professor of Hunan University, a MBA supervisor at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, and a research fellow at of Shanghai Institute of Development Strategy.
Previously in his professional career, Dr. Cao was a probationary Economist in the International Currency Department of the Economic and Financial Affairs Councils, European Communities in Brussels (now the European Union), as well as a Project Coordinator of the World Bank in Washington DC. After returning to China, he co-founded Shanghai Jingcheng Internet Consulting Co. Ltd. with Shanghai Jiaotong University, and was elected as Chairman and CEO. In the early 2000s, Dr. Cao acted as the director and CEO of Shanghai Lingang New City Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., and was in charge of the development of the Yangshan Deep Water Port and Lingang New City. He was also a director of Donghai Bridge Project Construction Co. Ltd., who built Donghai Bridge, the longest cross-sea bridges in the world.

Dr. Cao has authored several books, including “Futures Investment” (used and published by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics”, “Trade and Investment: China Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan”. Dr . Cao has also published over 40 papers.